Sebone at A Glance

Organisations turn to Sebone when they need their IT infrastructure, software engineering and IT projects delivered on time, on budget and cannot achieve this with their current internal resources.

Sebone intends to leverage on its unique technology solutions & gradually start providing the analytical software and tools to help businesses improve the precision, consistency and agility of their complex, high–volume decisions.

Sebone has expertise in a multitude of areas across a variety of industries. Our dedicated team of professionals has both the knowledge and experience to help our clients become high-performance businesses.

We keep our customers as well as the products , we work on confidential. We work with transparency and build products in collaboration with stakeholders.

Company Objective

Our Mission

  • Provide professional, confidential and highly effective administrative, management and support services to maximise the growth of our business partners.
  • To provide customized services & solutions and be the No. 1 choice of all our business partners for their IT needs.

Our Value

  • Compassion & Generosity
  • Passioate-Love what we do
  • Time bound delivery, Customer focused
  • Trust & Care
  • Adventurous & open-minded

We help:

  • Because with us there are no surprises, we deliver on time every time at the agreed fixed price.
  • By providing cutting edge IT experts who are ahead of the game, giving our clients a competitive advantage.
  • Because our work force is highly skilled and flexible so our clients save time and money on recruiting and retention, and instantly resolve skill shortage issues.
  • To ensure on-going compliance to industry standards and regulations by using proven, thorough and systematic processes to scope a project which in turn avoids mistakes and delays.
  • Because all projects are supported by highly skilled Sebone managers who care about relationships, delivering results and giving clients peace of mind.

We are very experienced team of engineers specialized in Product Development with more than 65 years in core Product Development.

  • Start-up based in Silicon Valley of India
  • We build products that you own
  • Collaborates with Product Owners/ Companies to help build products
  • Passionate and committed team
  • Core technical team specialized in Product Development
  • Combined experience of 65+ years in Product Development
  • Team has experience working in Europe, US, Israel, India, Japan
  • We create, live and code on the cloud